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There is much commentary concerning New Zealand being an export economy, with the dairy industry contributing over 25% of that activity. But many such companies are commodity providers. We have developed our own brand to be a value added supplier. Our retail customers want certified safe products that are manufactured and packaged in New Zealand. (see our supplier page)

Many nutritional products are dominated by multinationals where a New Zealand identity may be lost. At Peak New Zealand we have developed a range of milk powders including infant formula, follow-on and toddler formulas with both New Zealanders and our vital export markets in mind. Our range is being further developed and will include Organic, Pre and Pro Biotic, Goat Milk and reduced fat milk powder products.

In addition, we will also feature other high calcium dairy products that will include our own export range of Milk Biscuits. As such, our products could represent an infomercial for New Zealand tourism. They are clean and safe, we show respect for the environment and community, and we are 100% New Zealand.

Our basket of products have been chosen to reflect our customers desire to provide the best of New Zealand foods for you and your family.We have been featured on 3NewsOne News Breakfast, and Prime (YouTube clips) as mothers are making the transition to a premium local brand, who's values they share. find a retailer near you  - see our facebook page for the latest.


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